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  • CSS Positioning

    Published on 14th May 2013

    Last week I had to explain CSS positioning to someone who is starting out learning HTML & CSS. It's a tricky subject to get your head around first time, so I wrote a blog post covering the four methods of CSS positioning.

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  • The Horizontal Rule in HTML5

    Published on 7th April 2013

    The design of the latest project I'm working on included 'traditional horizontal rules' to break up the page content. It wasn't until I looked into this further, I discovered the horizontal rule element has changed in HTML5.

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  • HTML5 Placeholder with style

    Published on 23rd March 2013

    Since the start of the year I have used the placeholder attribute in a couple of new site builds. Used in the correct way it can add a nice design touch to your web forms.

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  • CSS Combinators

    Published on 28th February 2013

    It took me a couple of years after learning CSS to actually realise the usefulness and power of CSS combinators. At first they seem quite confusing, but using these combinators will make you a faster and more efficient coder.

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  • Create a price tag shape with CSS

    Published on 17th February 2013

    When I designed this site I wanted the list of tags for each article to look like price tags.

    To create this look you can break it down into 3 easy sections.

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  • CSS triangles

    Published on 12th December 2012

    When I designed my blog I wanted to find a way to create a CSS only tag shape to display my article tags.

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