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  • Responsive Advertising

    Published on 23rd May 2013

    I work for Sift media who are online publishers with a variety of sites and communities (5 million page views per month over 11 sites). Over the last few months we have been discussing how we move forward as a business with our mobile strategy.

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  • Create a price tag shape with CSS

    Published on 17th February 2013

    When I designed this site I wanted the list of tags for each article to look like price tags.

    To create this look you can break it down into 3 easy sections.

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  • My recommended CSS3 generators

    Published on 23rd December 2012

    There are many new properties in CSS3 which require multiple vendor prefixes, using a generator you can streamline this process and create clean code. The number of CSS3 generators out there are growing and some are a lot better than others.

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